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Never before published secrets, play by play ad strategies, unshared lessons, tools & resources of how I manage +500 affiliate offers & more importantly AUTOMATE it to make $1.7M while living in a van with wifi just 1 day a week.

Van Life Millionare Creates

his LEGACY masterclass that teaches everything he knows about Affiliate Marketing & How To Scale it WITHOUT working More Than 10 Hours A week!

Over $50M Sold as an Affiliate since 2018

During the 'pand. shut down' I would go viral every week on TikTok averaging 10-20 Million Views a week as the guy who lived in a van but had a 7 figure income from Affiliate Marketing. My lifestyle of choosing to be a minimalist despite being a millionaire plus the combination of making around $110K per month online ended up being a viral recipe of 'shock and disbelief' I never expected. 

It's one thing to be skeptical at someone who says they make over a million dollars a year... but while living in a van with wifi only 1-2 days a week!? I guess I wouldn't believe my own story if I read it online.

I assure you I am a REAL person. I'm not some fake A.I. bot. I'm a real humble dude from humble beginnings who through affiliate marketing was able to retire/hire both of my parents, become a millionaire by 29, achieve financial freedom by 32 & travel the world for 3 years as a nomad minimalist. 

The BEST part is I did it by promoting physical products that I am proud to support. I'm the realist affiliate marketer you will ever meet who BEFORE STARTED TEACHING made millions from selling items like tea, backpacks, furniture and regular boring house hold products. I NEVER joined an MLM or some B.S. circle jerk affiliate course promotion scheme.

If you are interested in learning REAL affiliate marketing this is my most intense masterclass I've ever created on it. It will challenge you with my most technical strategies and lessons. It is NOT a beginner class. If you are looking for a strictly beginner class a great pre-requisite to this masterclass is The Brambila Method.

This is an intermediate/advance masterclass that will teach you everything on how to build an affiliate marketing business you can scale BIG without the burden of your time.

- Adrian Brambila


  What You Will Learn:

  • ​Automation Making money is online is cool but you know what's cooler? Having the ability to NOT work yet still make money online
  • ​Finding the best affiliate programs can make or break your business. Learn the exact step by step formula I use to pick mine
  • Paid Ads is a mystery of successful marketers. This is the first time I finally break down my paid ads testing process, optimization process & scale for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google.
  • ​Video lessons are great but having the right tools & resources, can really impact success. That's why this program will have +30 PDF's & Sheets that help calculate, test, scale and conquer all the challenges of affiliate marketing.
  • Learn how to do the ultimate entrepreneurs dream and SELL YOUR BRAND for a MASSIVE PAY DAY a process I've never taught before...
  • ​Life time access! +50​ action packed video lessons that will teach you everything you need to know to build a Smart Affiliate Business!

Listen to my short audio in my own words how this all came to be:

Here is everything inside:




- affiliate marketing 101
- how it works,
- the good the bad the ugly
- the opportunity of a lifetime



- finding the best niches
- finding the best programs
- finding the best offers
- finding the best YOU



- crash course in data
- what numbers actually matter
- making data driven decisions
- CPC, CTR, CPA, CPL, Peepee


Building a Brand

- building a 'flexible' brand
- when to niche & not
- logos, ethos & tacos
- intent, persona & exit



- this section is hard
- A/B testing
- offer science
- lead rapture


Organic Traffic

- please follow me & click here
- content strategy
- aggressive content scale
- the opportunity


Paid Traffic

- this section is why you buy this
- TikTok, FB, YT, IG, Google & Myspace (that's a bad joke)
- test, scale & optimize



- everything is test don't fail
- simple effective fast offer tests
- testing initial & backend offers
- different levels of optimization



- scale small or big your choice
- programmatic ad budgeting
- i'm famous for this part
- how to not lose money



- press click make money
- how to communicate
- welcome sequence
- segmentation & drip



- artificial intelligence
- outsourcing
- play pickleball +20 hours a week because of this part



- sell your business for 20X-40X
- everything has a price
- please give me 20% 'tip' for when you sell it just dm me :) 


Make money with affiliate marketing by helping people and putting good value into the universe.

Affiliate marketing has a bad reputation. I'm trying to fix it by teaching people just like YOU how to do it the RIGHT way. No tricks, no gimmicks, no dm-ing people! I teach how you to promote products and companies YOU believe in!

It's time to create a
Smart Affiliate Business.


That's it. That's my pitch!

Try my masterclass 14 days no questions asked refund policy.

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